MySpace is the devil

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As is Hi5, Facebook and all other social networking sites that there are out there. I hardly ever use them but I always seem to be "found" by:

  1. A date I've ditched some time in the past wanting to know what happened;
  2. A unusual ex boyfriend who leaves cryptic messages as a profile comment;
  3. Some lecherous old man wanting to do dirty things to me.
Needless to say, messages from them vary from the mildly entertaining to the simply disturbing.

I honestly do think that MySpace is an unrelenting black hole of procrastination as, curiously, when in log in (however rare that is - *cougheveryotherdaycough*) I never seem to be able to log out for at least an hour to an hour an a half. Now why do you think that is?
The last time I logged in I swear I saw Tom grow horns.


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Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I just love the profile viewiers being kicked around that are actually gatways for computer viruses.

Or the spams of supposedly "hot 21 year old women in your area."