Shy Sensei

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So my Japanese professor is a trip. So cute, seriously and no not in a lustful, girl crush kind of way. She's cute like a kid is cute. You seriously want to pinch her cheeks, when you can understand what she's saying.

I suppose Japanese women on a whole are shy and she definitely epitomizes that for me as when ever she laughs or makes a joke she covers her mouth. It's completely adorable.
And no, her teeth are fine.

This is my third week of class and I must say it's very intriguing, trying to understand a language and the culture behind it all. I'd love to go there some day. All in good time.

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So I've been busy

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... but not so busy that I couldn't update. We'll just blame that on laziness and lack of motivation. But I've been up to quite a bit since you've read me last.

I'm married for one....


God, that never gets old.

  • But, no Mr. S and I will have been together for almost 3 years and though we have our ups and downs, neither of us will be going anywhere very soon.

  • I am still doing Marketing, started Japanese Classes and will start A+ Classes soon. Yes I am becoming a veritable techie rather than junkie but it's a start

  • I also am trying to teach myself web design so expect to see some changes around here later one

  • Also, I am becoming a bit tired of talking about myself (yes, narcissism can only get us so far) so, I'm planning on doing some reviews soon but no promises there. You know how fickle I can be.

And that's about it for now. Until later, gator.

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