So some dipshit

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Hacked into my account and I didn't have access to my blogs for a while. But thanks to GOOGLE and their awesome customer service I was able to get my babies back! YAY! Snaps for Google.
I started a new blog in the process as well and I have many plans for it but it is under construction right now so I'll reveal the link in about 2 weeks.

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MySpace is the devil

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As is Hi5, Facebook and all other social networking sites that there are out there. I hardly ever use them but I always seem to be "found" by:

  1. A date I've ditched some time in the past wanting to know what happened;
  2. A unusual ex boyfriend who leaves cryptic messages as a profile comment;
  3. Some lecherous old man wanting to do dirty things to me.
Needless to say, messages from them vary from the mildly entertaining to the simply disturbing.

I honestly do think that MySpace is an unrelenting black hole of procrastination as, curiously, when in log in (however rare that is - *cougheveryotherdaycough*) I never seem to be able to log out for at least an hour to an hour an a half. Now why do you think that is?
The last time I logged in I swear I saw Tom grow horns.


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A Review of Sorts

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I'm not a cinematic expert of any kind, I don't even qualify as a movie buff. I'm just a person that enjoys the cinematic experience, to sit down and take in a good flick. So here goes nothing.

Solace Reviews: The Pursuit of Happyness.

I'm not entirely certain that this was an apt name for this movie. Yes, our hero (or anti-hero) Chris Gardener (Will Smith) does relentlessly pursue a better life by fighting tooth and nail for a new career but is that really happiness?
I give it 3.5 out of 5.
The Plot in Summary:
Chris is a struggling salesman who is looking for something better. He has a wife and 5 year old child Christopher (Will Smith's actual son, so there was no stretch there). One day he passes by a brokerage firm and sees happy looking people all what we assume to be brokers and he decides he wants their happiness.

His marriage has failed and his wife has left him and Chris insists that he keeps his son, his wife obliges. Chris has very little funds but big ambition and is able to enroll in a salary-free internship at a large brokerage where the success rate is one in 20 every 6 months.

He makes a decision to pursue a dream (some may say at the expense of his son) as the 2 member family goes through numerous seemingly insurmountable trials and tribulations to make the situation work.
My Opinion:
The movie was beautiful for what is was. Will Smith's acting was good but as I said I am not an expert on such things. In my general opinion, enjoyment of the movie depends on your own perception of happiness as it can be construed in 2 ways.

1) Either Chris is a champion of a man, father and intern. A victorious underdog in a cruel world who moved mountains to get where he is for the betterment of his son's life and by extension his own.


2) He is a conceited, self-serving monster of a man who puts his own whims and fancies over the well-being of his son.

I think it's a bit of both.

Chris did indeed move mountains and you really respect him after all he did to make things work. You cried when he cried, you hurt when he hurt and you were happy for the fleeting moments he was. But there were little moments when you wanted to hate him. There were parts of his life that you wish you could shield his son from, like the incessant running. I do not think he was a self-serving monster of a man, however, there is a time in your life, regardless of the responsibility of children, you do need to do some things for you... if only to maintain your own sanity (however threadbare it may be).

All in all, a feel good movie with some soul. Not the best but not the worst either. It all depends on your Perception of Happyness.

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Shy Sensei

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So my Japanese professor is a trip. So cute, seriously and no not in a lustful, girl crush kind of way. She's cute like a kid is cute. You seriously want to pinch her cheeks, when you can understand what she's saying.

I suppose Japanese women on a whole are shy and she definitely epitomizes that for me as when ever she laughs or makes a joke she covers her mouth. It's completely adorable.
And no, her teeth are fine.

This is my third week of class and I must say it's very intriguing, trying to understand a language and the culture behind it all. I'd love to go there some day. All in good time.

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So I've been busy

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... but not so busy that I couldn't update. We'll just blame that on laziness and lack of motivation. But I've been up to quite a bit since you've read me last.

I'm married for one....


God, that never gets old.

  • But, no Mr. S and I will have been together for almost 3 years and though we have our ups and downs, neither of us will be going anywhere very soon.

  • I am still doing Marketing, started Japanese Classes and will start A+ Classes soon. Yes I am becoming a veritable techie rather than junkie but it's a start

  • I also am trying to teach myself web design so expect to see some changes around here later one

  • Also, I am becoming a bit tired of talking about myself (yes, narcissism can only get us so far) so, I'm planning on doing some reviews soon but no promises there. You know how fickle I can be.

And that's about it for now. Until later, gator.

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