Trini Artists come out of their shells.

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Some Trinidadian artists on display.

Be sure to check out the viewer art section as well.

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Ask Solace: Taking my own advice.

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I'm an encourager, a pusher, an advocate of ambition and all that is good in others. I am always willing to help, I am always willing to go that extra mile (for others) and am always willing to sacrifice my own happiness for the happiness of random people.

So why can't I do all these things for myself?

Some days I feel like a chronic fuck up, other days I feel as though I own the world. I am a self starter but I am a great procrastinator.
I have ideas that can move nations but I fail to put word into action. Why?

Why can't I teach myself the things I teach others? About life, love, success and all its secrets. Why can't I serve the cake and save a piece for myself?


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