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I'm a bad blogger. So very erratic, but you love me anyway.

*fondles blog fondly*

So, what's been up? Nothing, actually. I've been working... and scratching and being very, very lazy and I like it. Contemplating a lot of things and just being introspective. I've spent a lot of my time observing the everyday happenings of Trinidad and Tobago... including the political aspects of my country (which I will not comment on for a while until I observe a bit more).

One thing I have noticed is the penchant that us Trinis have for "Ole Talk". Ole talk is basically good natured gossip (most times) and is prevalent among both sexes. It takes place anywhere more than one Trinidadian is and is beloved by all (even though many deny it).

I've learned many things while tuning into ole talk among older people, little pieces of wisdom that will stay with me for years to come, proving that it isn't just for entertainment. In fact, lasting friendships and bitter enemies have been made because of this tradition. It is both a cure for boredom and a source of information. From the corrupt politician who uses it to spin a web of falsehoods to the beggar who often has conversations with himself. Even I find myself engaging in it daily, even on this blog.

It's amazing the topics that can spark lively and lengthy discussions as well. From politics to doubles. From women to clothes, the subject matter never seems to run thin. I remember as a child watching the older one talk, listening intenly as laughter erupted,evoked by some "rude" or suggestive comment and me, lauging as though I knew what was funny. Of, course this would end in me being chastised and told to stay out of the affairs of "big" people (that piece of advice has stuck with me over the years and I still feel strange interrupting conversations when my elders are present).

School days were the best by far though. Debates over the superiority of girls over boys were the discussions that caused the most controversy and often ended bothe sides soaked to the skin from a water fight *reminisce* The battle of the sexes still rages on to this day.

Ah, the joys of being a Trini.

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Mad Bull said...

But ole talk is something that happens everywhere in the Caribbean, I am sure...

hobbes said...

And in the UK too (once you get the alcohol flowing...)

Anonymous said...

I agree with MB, cause it happens here in Jamdown too.