Making nice with Mumsie (in Law)

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I made it past noon! Mostly because I got there at 4 p.m (late.. as usual) but I swear it wasn't my fault. My favorite cousin (Ms. C), yeah.. the same one who has better luck with the ladies that I ever will, came along with me for moral, or in this case, mortal support.

After getting there way too fashionably late and losing the ability to filter into the crowd unnoticed, Mr. S' dad decided to give me the grand introduction by getting the attention of the WHOLE family and announcing the late arrival of Mr.S' girlfriend. As embarrased as I was, I gave a quick smile and a weak "Hi" and made my way to the back of the room. His family was sweet to me though even though there was limited interaction due to the fact that I was hiding in the corner the whole time.

It was by far one of the most interesting Family Reunions I have ever been to... considering I've only been to about 4 in my entire life that isn't saying much. Apparently, as Mr. S kept reinforcing to me, the family is very distant. Many of them have never even met so they were going around the room making introductions and short (in some cases long and tearful speeches ending with the expectations for the family and what they would like to do for future family days. Even I was forced to say something about myself in front of the whole family. I can't even remember half of what I had said but I do remember a quip about our (Mr. S and I) difference in age. He's six years older than me. I let it pass.

Nearing the end of the family day, I went in search of his mum so that I could introduce her to my cousin (she did not greet us at all). I finally found her alone at the door and did a cheerful introduction only to recieve a grunt of acknowledgement in return before she turned her attention to someone else. I was completely fazed by this and my cousin forced herself to curb her tongue as she revealed to me later on.

I have tried everything under the sun to get to this woman but this was by far the worst reception I had receieved. Usually she says hi and immediately interrogates me on my church-going habits of which there are none. I could lie and say that I went but I refused to do that. Finally, at the end of my rope and coming up empty with ideas, I decided, after much prodding from my cousin to go to church with her next Sunday.

Now, I am a religious person.. to an extent. I believe in God and pray often but I do not go to church. I cannot stand listening to hours of a pastor droning on and on about this and that. But that's just me. To me, religion and my beliefs are personal. But.. I digress.

It seemed to prod a response from her finally as she started making conversation with us (my cousin and I) about getting Mr, S to go as well and about our personal lives. How swiftly attitudes can change.

By the way, if you are wondering where Mr. S was in all this... he had promptly made a beeline to the children's corner and left me to the wolves. Bad Mr. S! No booty for you.

All in all, I'm now stuck with a church date with Mumsie. YAY! *grumble* Oh well, Mr. S is lucky I love him so much.

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Tish said...

ROFL! You got caught in your own trap. Church w/ mom in law? enjoy it. Trying to get Mr. S. to go with you? know what this means right. Every Sunday it's going to be the same adventures out with Good luck trying to get out of that one.

And Mr. S had it right. Always head for the kids. Always.

Mad Bull said...

Cho... one or two church visits naw hurt you... Though from my attendance record, you'd never know that I felt that way! ;-)