Addictions and what-not

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I have officially become an Amazon addict. Within the past week I have bought at least ten things: from jewelery to an almost purchased shower head. Half my purchases were absolutely ridiculous but oh-so-easy to make (DAMN THIS PICK AND CLICK REVOLUTION!! DAMN IT TO HELL!!!)

However, I do have my limits, I refuse to buy clothing off the net. Why should I when I have access to custom made (almost) everything at home? My mother owns a bloody custom-made store here, so I refuse to spend one red cent. Plus I'm afraid because things never fit my full-figured 6ft frame well anyway. Damn my genes! *sigh*

Anyhoo, I'm supposed to go looking for a bathing suit today with my stick thin excuse for a cousin. Don't get me wrong, I love the life out of her... but for God's sake, the girl has a bloody six-pack set of washboard abs and STILL complains about a miniscule flap of skin at her stomach's base she calls "pudge". Pudge? You have got to be fucking kidding me! I could show her pudge. I could show her about 50 lbs worth of "pudge". Damn these skinny bitches!

Anyway, I digress, shopping for a bathing suit. Worst thing since Gigli and even then J.Lo has a flawless body. I can't wait to see the bits and pieces that I stuff into my jeans every day hang out. Oh well, blubber always makes for good eating.

By the way, Tish, I should finally be online at home again by Tuesday that is if Greendot would stop playing the ass.

Until next time.

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Tish said...


And yes, Amazon rocks socks.