On the road again.

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2006: Not bad so far.

After the craptastic year I had in 2005, 2006 has made up for it already even though it's only 5 months past. I've restarted school, had a job interview for a very cool and challenging job as a Creative Writer at a local advertising agency (*crosses fingers*) and am back on track with my parents. Both of them! My dad and I are back on speaking terms and he seems to be a little more considerate now, though I'm still wary of his temper and ignorant attitude but say what, he's still my dad. I can't change that.

My days are finally busy again. Between french classes, marketing classes, studying and teaching myself to speak Italian. I've changed alot in 5 months (for the better) and it feels really good. I'm taking care of myself instead of letting life pass me by. While this may be mediocre and common place for some, it's not something I thought I could do after my episode last year. Yay!

I only hope the rest of the year only gets better. I deserve it dammit.

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