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x. Slept in your bed: Me and my stuffed frog
x. Saw you cry: Mr. S and he's so sweet about it.
x. Made you cry: Me.
x. You shared a drink with: Me mum.
x. You went to the movies with: Mr. S and C
x. You went to the mall with: Mr. S and C. The movie theatre is in the mall.
x. Yelled at you: My mum
x. Sent you an e-mail: Spammers. DIE!!!!

x. Said "I love you" and meant it?: Yes.
x. Gotten in a fight with your pet: Yes. He's still mad at me.
x. Been to California: Nope.
x. Been to Hawaii: Nope.
x. Been to Mexico: Nope.
x. Been to China: Nope.
x. Been to Canada: Nope.
x. Danced naked: All the time.
x. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: I wish cause the last time I dreamt something crazy it involved Johnny Depp, whipped cream and lubricant.
x. Wish you were the opposite sex: Yes. I've always wanted to pee standing up.
x. Had an imaginary friend: Had?

x. Do you have a crush on someone: No. But I do want to CRUSH someone.
x. What book are you reading now: Introduction to Psychology. Damnable essay.
x. Worst feeling(s) in the world: Being depressed.
x. Future son's name: Nikolai.
x. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Yes.
x. What's under your bed:Drawers. No, really. Actual drawers.
x. Favorite sports to watch: Swimming, rugby, World Cup football (soccer).
x. Siblings: Mossiah, me little half-brother.
x. Location: In my room.
x. College plans: Finish.. quickly.
x. Piercing/tattoos: Nope only in me ears.
x. Boyfriend/girlfriend: Yes, Mr. S.

x. Who is your best friend(s): Tishie, Mr. S, C.
x. What are you most scared of: Failure.
x. What clothes do you sleep in: Tanktop and Boyshorts, or me birthday suit.
x. Where do you want to get married: Not sure.
x. Who do you really hate: The cocksucker that took my phone
x. Do you drive: Nope.
x. Do you have a job: Nope.
x. Do you like being around people: Sometimes.
x. Are you for world peace: Yes I am and I'm also against world hunger. *beauty queen wave*

x. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: Yes.
x. Have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did: Yes
x. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: Nope.
x. Want someone you don't have right now: nope.
x. Are you lonely right now: Nope.
x. Song thats stuck in your head a lot: Anna Nalick- Breathe (2 am).
x. Do you want to get married: Eventually.

x. Room in house: My bedroom.
x. Type(s) of music: Not really sure.
x. Band(s): Linkin Park, System of a Down, Slipknot, Static X, Maroon 5, Incert Coin, Tripped and Falling..
x. Color: Blue, Black, Red.
x. Month: June and December.
x. Stone: Sapphires.

x. Cried: Yup.
x. Bought something: Nope. Surprised myself actually
x. Gotten sick: Nope.
x. Sang: Yes, Badly.
x. Wanted to tell someone you loved them: Yes, and I did..
x. Met someone new: yes.
x. Missed someone: Yep.
x. Hugged someone: Yes.
x. Kissed someone: Yes..

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Deadly Female said...

oh I have the Anna Nalick song playing here right now - I love that song