Pass me a Prozac

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This is my second semester at my university. A small, private, heavily competitive institution with students who are obsessed with grades, flip flops, high pitched voices, navel breakers and Daddy's Money. Needless to say, Hell, for someone who came from a laidback public high school that was more concerned with the football (soccer for you Americans) than grades. Not that I didn't do relatively well.

To put it bluntly, when you are 5'11, chubby and a bit of a bookwormish recluse.. you tend to stand out like a sore thumb. If I have to hear, "Wow, you are really tall" from one of those stunted banshees one more time I swear I'll pop a blood vessel.

The lecturers range from extremely soporific (amazingly snooze-worthy) to lively and a bit snooty. They have been spoiled rotten by all the whiny little know-it-all who have their noses stuck up their asses.

Other than that it's relatively bearable even fun on occasions thanks to the "characters" who make the date with fire and brimstone worthwhile.

In my Politics class, there was a certain individual, a scrawny boy with product soaked hair and baggy hip hop clothing who during the mandatory introductions, claimed that his hobbies were: Gaming, Arsony and Explosives. Coming soon after the Port of Spain bombings, of course, there was a collective gasp, a chuckle here and there (one came from me) and numerous people (the lecturer included) picking their jaws up off the floor. The lecturer, stunned, asked him to repeat what he said, disbelieving. The guy, in turn, repeated exactly what he had said with a mischievious grin plastered on his face. That was a true Kodak moment.

Right now, projects and essays are piling up, midterms shall soon be upon me, and I haven't a care in the long as I pop my Prozac.

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Trouble said...

Hi solace, I just linked in from Abeni, to see what your blog is like... I like it despite what the British bitch says... Your 'Trini folklore' posts are informed and interesting... I will check you back...

Tish said...


I think they might be right up there with Northwood. Just add some brand new hummers and bmw's. Name them daddy's pet and mommy's ass wipe and they could have been sister/brother schools.

sHa shinizzle said...

damn! can we have that genius boy over here in malaysia?

i desperately need an 'entertainment' in my financial accounting class!