Life is Crapfuckingtastic!

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I'm horrifically busy, exhasuted and too bloody aggravated to blog. Not that anyone's missing anything.

In othernews, I may be moving from Blogger to Blogsome, in order to use the wordpress system cause frankly, I'm bored with Blogger. It will be a bittersweet breakup. It was nice while it lasted, it's not you it's me. Let's just be friends and let me use for photos for my new blog. You're such a good host. Maybe we'll hook up for sex and a smoke soon. Minus the smoke, I like my lungs unblackened and not cancer-ridden.

I've spent the last four days slaving over two psychology essays which are due tomorrow morning and I am one hell of a procrastinator. Which means it will be finished by 8:45 am on Saturday morning, printed and delivered by 9am.... or later. Long live "Later".

In other news, getting money from my mum to buy a new phone (I'm a fucking college student give me a fucking break) is like negotiating with Brad Pitt's character Mickey in Snatch. You have to pay get your ass handed back to you. The woman is fucking relentless. Sweet, caring lady my left ass cheek!

Anyways, I'm off to not finish my essay on time. See you eventually. I'll bore you sometime next week if I get something interesting to say which is highly unfucking likely as my social life is going to shit. Eh. C'est la vie.

Since when did I become such a fucking pottymouth. Shit.

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