Honesty is no longer the best policy? I didn't get that memo.

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Forgive my idealism but where has honesty gone? Where have all the good people in this world disappeared to? Have they been shipped off to some newly discovered planet where entry is permissible only though genuine politeness or something?

I lost my cell phone last night. I am notoriously absentminded so I blame this on myself. I was sitting on a bench in front of a bank talking to my boyfriend. I had just texted someone and must have put it down beside me and forgot about it when we were on our way back home. I realized I missed it only 2 minutes later and hurried back to see if by some miracle of human nature it was still there. We were calling it frantically on the way back hoping someone would answer (now that I think of it, that was probably a stupid move as it would draw attention to it).

When we got there, there was no sign of it. Only a trio of people sitting on the other bench talking. One man in the trio looked very suspicious (Intuition or paranoia I know not what it was) as he had his hands firmly in his pocket looking very uncomfortable. My phone lights up and vibrates when rung. So there was one of two possibilities, (1) He was trying to hide the ringing phone in his pocket or (2) was pleasuring himself in public. Neither seemed palatable. Nonetheless, my boyfriend asked them if they saw the phone and we got the expected answer o "no".

We continued calling the phone hoping that the person was honest enough to answer but eventually they shut the phone off. Evil cocksuckers! I called again this morning and it rang only to be cut off by the third ring and completely shut off by the next call 5 seconds later. Apparently, they enjoyed raping my meager minutes the night before, well into the morning.

To add insult to injury, I called the phone company (TSTT), yes, we only have one right now and they enjoy flexing their monopolistic muscles with horrible service and astonishingly high prices. After spending more than an amalgamation of three hours on hold, listening to horrible music and repetitive advertisements, I finally was able to speak to an agent. Unfortunately, I was informed that since the phone was not under my name (it was given to me as a gift) I was unable to disconnect or even block outgoing calls! WTF! I am sure as hell not paying that bill the end of the month!

My conclusion to this story is a question. Where have all the honest people gone? Has honesty been outmoded by combativeness and the mentality of "survival of the fittest"? Are 'Good Samaritans" a myth? Should I hunt down the asshole that stole my phone and take an axe to them?

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Tish said...

I'm always for an axe. Sorry to hear about your loss.

Tommy said...

I'm sure you were pretty close to your phone when you saw the guy with his hand in is pocket. I say if you catch him, but off his nuts.

KinkyCatholicLawyer said...

sighhhh, sounds like something that would happen to me.

I like your writing style. I am adding you to my blogroll.

And, if the honest people have all moved en masse, it has not been HERE (Washington DC, United States). The politicians are proof of THAT!

Solace said...

Tish: Nice to see we are on the same page with the axe :P.

Tommy: I'll castrate him with a butter knife.

Kinky: Love the name. Love your site. I blogrolled you as well. Thanks alot.

Ben said...

The nerve of some people... If you find something and have no way of contacting the owner, sure, then you can think about keeping it.

But, a phone which has numbers stored in it, and someone is ringing it incessantly obviously has a concerned owner.

What's happened to the fellowship of mankind?

ticklebug said...

I like your blog too. But I'm sorry to hear about your phone and what you had to go through.

I, like you, am losing more faith in humanity every single day.