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Look, not everyone is a size -2 okay. Some of us have some meat on our bones. I've got some meat... with gravy...and my gravy doesn't fit in a half yard of fabric. I get so tired of having to drudge around from place to place to place looking for clothing that would cover BOTH my breasts. Shopping in Trinidad especially, is the WORST! Especially, if you are plus size. You always get stuck with dowdy, frumpy, generic "I'm-fat-so-let-me-in-a-tent" stuff. I'm friggin 20 years old Why the hell would I want to look like my grandmother. Jeez!

In my quest for clothing I have come across very few lucky finds but many, many hideous ones. I had even done a mini shoot for a friend of mine who was doing a article on plus size clothing in Trinidad and where to find it. She had asked me to be her model. The first store we went to was the run of the mill frumpy crap. What was interesting was the owner of the store and her passion for her Haute Couture tents. When my friend was doing the interview the owner was so enthusiastic it was hard not to get excited. She said has spent over 20 years in the clothing business and knows what people want. She said that she was the shopper for a successful company before she opened up her store. She expressed her disgust at plus size women wearing revealing clothing and demanded that they cover up from head to toe. And she had just the right tenting. I wouldn't let her shop for me if she tarred and feathered me, tied me up and placed me naked and wriggling on a railroad track with a train charging ahead.

The clothes were horrendous. Ugly and baggy and ..... Ugh! There was this one dress, a black and blue disaster with so many strings I wanted to hang myself. All of the clothing in the store were drab and shapeless. Business suits that I would make it my business to destroy, casual wear that I would never care to wear. Disaster upon disaster was piled upon me.

To make a long story short. I am grateful the pictures never made it to print.

Soooo.. I've decided to make and design my own clothes. My mum is a seamstress, she runs a little, but maniacally sucessful sewing shop from our home. I actually recycled an old jacket I had that I loved too much to throw away. When I was done mangling it, it looked awesome. If I had a digi cam I would have shown you. Soon I will be raiding local art stores for supplies and I shall make MYSELF fabulous. Jeans, tees, skirts, whatever. Versace ain't got notthin' with me.

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Prahalathan said...

wondering what this tarsh is?
Well I too am doin the same!
Word verification is requiring me to type this crap to prove I'm only human!!!
Nice Blog!
Keep BLOGging!!
Visit my blogs Sometime...

Abeni said...

Go girl.So true about the clothes for plus sizes which most times are downright ugly

Heather said...

Good luck with that!