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I've been trying to write the same essay for that past 4 days. First essay of the semester and I've got block. I think I must have written the same paragraph over 10 times but it doesn't seem right. *sigh* *bangs head on desk*

*Update* Two hours later, still on same sentence. Had lunch (Chicken corn soup rocks) and now I am falling asleep on myself. Class is at nine tomorrow morning and I may have to read the essay to the class. At this rate, all that will be there is....

Student Id: 000000
Fundamentals of Politics
"What are the ingredients necessary for Politics to exist in Trinidad and Tobago?"

The ingredients necessary for Politics are

2 bickering political parties
1 inadequate Prime Minister
1 even more inept Oppostion Leader
1 country at the mercy of Morons
A handful of sycophantic fools who with iron clad and often ignorant Party Loyalty
1.5 million dissatisfied Trinidadians
0 Trinidadians doing anything about it
2 tablespoons get me the hell off this island
1 lb Screw this shit I'm going to Fiji.

Preheat oven to Fire and Brimstone.
Mix well, throw in a optional dash of corruption, kidnapping and crime to taste.
Serve immediately.

I think this is good enough, don't you?

Scratch that Fiji thing... I'm going to Chicago... where Oprah gives away Free Men. You gotta love her.

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KinkyCatholicLawyer said...

I like the essay. It's more thoughtful and insighful then most of the essays I've written in my 19 years of schooling. Unfortunately, I have learned the clever art of spewing out thoughtless, boiler-plate term papers that almost always get A's. I'll take creative and thoughtful any day though.

perfectntrue said...

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