Oh my God!! I can see the floor.

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I am a notorious packrat. So much so, I still have little bits and pieces of paper and other such trinkets from 15 years ago... what's even worse about that is, my family moved from our olf house 5 years ago and I still brought the junk with me. Also, I have a huge aversion to cleaning. It's not like I don't like to do it...okay, yes it is.... but I'd have to be in a particular mood to clean and an even better mood to clean properly. Let's put it this way, I've been depressed for four months and my room reflected my mood.

After much gentle cajoling (yelling and screaming) from my parental unit, I'm 20 year old college student, yes I'm still living with the 'rents, namely my mother who is a notorious neat freak and perfectionist (must have gotten my cleaning allergy from my father) I forced myself to batten down the hatches and enter the carnage Hurricane Moody had left behind. There were weeks of unwashed clothes on the floor, paper strewn everywhere, at least four inches of dust on my ceiling fan (which has NEVER been cleaned) and some mysterious stains behind my bed. Needless to say, it should have been quarantined.

It took 8 hours to clean, top to bottom. But it's finally clean. I got rid of everything: old papers, movie ticket stubs, my old pet cheese...everything. Now, it's gleaming and, well, bare. I never realized I had so much space to spare on my shelves. The barreness is highly disturbing. So I'm going to find some new knick knacks to fill the void soon because I need my clutter, dammit. Should be fun to go shopping for my room... I may even end up redecorating. Nice!

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