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Out of pure curiosity and Khristalness, I have decided to give myself a culture shock and learn Italian. It is totally impulsive and will probably last for a week at most, but I must commend myself on my fervor. So far I have spent the last two hours scrounging around the Internet, browsing free tutorial sites and picking up phrases and learning verb forms.

This has happened before with many a thing, namely anything to do with exercise and deeding, or dance classes or planning to read 20 books this summer, or cleaning the house. I start out as a fall of energy, bouncing off the walls with childish enthusiasm, the next thing you know, I get distracted by... Oh, I don't know, an insect on the wall, a television show, a mischievous boyfriend. And POOF! I forget all about it and move onto something else, leaving trails of my last escapade scattered on the floor for the world to see. I am seriously beginning to worry about me having A.D.D. I am actually surprised this blog has lasted for as long as it has. (More than a year. YAY ME!)

Anyway, my new obsession has taken hold and I intend to satisfy this linguistic craving. Tomorrow I plan to go buy one of those tutorial cds and listen and learn to my heart's content... for a week. Then it's back to being fickle me again. You see what boredom and an "Under the Tuscan Sun" DVD can do to you? And they say children are the impressionable one. HA!


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Tish said...

Hey italian. Nice. I remember my Italian escapade. oh, I made my mom shell out $500 for the class and fell out because

1. Most of the people doing the class were older (25+), and I was 16.

2. I didn't have the drive for it although I think it's a beautiful language.

Hope you keep going with it.

Syed Siddique Sharaf said...

i also started with Spanish classes ... itwas luring to learn but then after some time i felt the thirst getting low :)
... hmmm may be, sometime in future, i will continue again