40 things

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40 things about me.... Just cause I was too lazy to do 100. Ok ok! I'm just not that interesting.

  1. I have a weird accent, most likely the by product of my Catholic School beginnings
  2. I am outrageously moody
  3. I don't eat rice on Sundays
  4. I used to be really into Romance novels. REALLY into them.
  5. This is the 20th time I am attempting this list
  6. I am a procrastinator of the worst sort
  7. I have a weakness for Cheesecake
  8. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac...Though I hate doctors.
  9. I did a self test for skitzophrenia once and got 9 out of 10... The aliens haven't attacked my brain since.
  10. I'm still not sure what I want to do with my life
  11. My parents are separated and are still living in the same house
  12. They have been in the process of a divorce for 8 years
  13. I can be very messy
  14. I love watching unusual movies like Punch Drunk Love and Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless mind
  15. I love musicals.
  16. I have an accessory fetish
  17. My favorite body part are my eyes.. That's the only thing on me that can't put on weight
  18. I can be inherently lazy
  19. I love God but am skeptical about religion
  20. I am the most complicated person I know
  21. I am terrified of rejection
  22. I write poetry
  23. I love rainy days.. They seem peaceful to me
  24. I was a Backstreet Boys fan for many years. STFU.
  25. I am afraid of failure
  26. I have been diagnosed with Clinical depression
  27. I am pursuing a degree in Business Administration but I want to branch out into Marketing and/or Child Pyschology
  28. I am a HUGE LOTR (Lord of the Rings fan)
  29. I met my boyfriend on the Internet... not a dating site though. I'm not that desperate.
  30. I used to do karate as a child. My father is a sensei.
  31. I have never really been in a fist fight with anyone
  32. "I don't fight.. I beat bitches up"
  33. I suck at dancing
  34. I sing Show tunes in the shower
  35. I do voices (which annoys the hell out of Mr.S)
  36. I love romantic comedies with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan
  37. I can't sleep without a fan or a/c
  38. I am an avid gamer
  39. I am an insomniac of the worst sort.
  40. I would give my right arm for ten minutes with Johnny Depp. That pretty boy can do no wrong not to mention he's a great actor.

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Anonymous said...

HI, fellow Trini, very cool blog :) I'll be back to visit.

Ana - Independence of

Mypicblog said...
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clew said...

LOL I just posted one of these on my site a couple days ago. Also mentioned that Johnny Depp is hot in mine. LOL