New look, same old me.

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Life has been hectic recently. I'm feeling kinda lazy so basically this post will consist of excerpts from my slightly more private blog that few others know about.

And how does that make you Feel
Appointment number 2 with the psychologist with Mums in tow. Was dreading it for weeks but had to finally bite the bullet today. It was horrific as one would expect some kind of family counseling to be. A bloodbath of raw emotion and accusation. Bleh.

I felt like I was being attacked from both sides as the good ole doctor did the worst thing she could EVER do.... Side with my mother. Every other word my mum said she agreed with. WTF!!! I'm the one who's side you should be on... in fact... you are supposed to be the mediator and remain neutral! DAMMIT MAN! Thank you so much for arming my mother with even more psychobabble and overanalysis than she already has in her arsenal.

Woe is me.

Shitty day. Need a hug and some Hagen Daaz.

Fuck man. Just when things seemed to be getting better

Getting Better

I'm almost afraid to speak too soon but life seems to be getting better. Things still aren't going my way but I'm content for now. I haven't had a moment like that in ages so I'm holding on to it as much as I possibly can.

I've realized that happiness isn't that huge cloud of elation that people wait for endlessly wishing to be enveloped in an almost tangible utopia. And they die hopelessly unfulfilled. Rather, it is in a collection of little moments and personal triumphs, where you will find you happiness and serenity. I've started living in those moments and it seems to be working so far.

It feels great to rediscover my passions again.

Rediscovering my inner child and my thoughts on the Half blood Prince

Finished the Half Blood Prince today. Can't wait for Book 7. I am amazed at the depth this book reached though. It wasn't your regular run of the mill Harry Potter Book. Which is probably why I loved it so much.


This book had some seriously disturbing undertones. It read very much like a psychological thriller and I absolutely loved it. It seemed like a "Fellowship of the Ring" type book to me, linking all the other books and setting the stage for Book 7.

Voldemort is an even more disturbed individual than I originally thought. Splitting your soul into seven pieces not something your run of the mill villain would do. J.K dig real deep with this one.

I had to put down the book for a good hour when I find out AD died. Tears for so oui.
But then again Kill or be killed are some devious odds to go up against. I suppose Dumbledore expected it and prepared himself for it duly. It was still very sad to see him go.

Real hookups in the book for real. Not surprised by Harry and Ginny (Peter and Mary Jane all over again?) I find Ron and Hermione real sticking though. Fleur really redeemed herself at the end of course. But the hookup of the year was Tonks and Remus.

J.K really took this one to the dark side and back oui. I am trying very hard not to speculate on what the last one will bring.

After this J.K better bring out a Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts University eh! I can't take the finale blow twice... LOTR was more than enough.

Moving on the Chronicle of Narnia series now. Anticipating good things from it. SO far I'm up to #7 in my 20 books for the summer goal. The Narnia series will make it 14.

I kept a promise today. That felt good. I'm happy

Plus size shopping in Trinidad

Hear in Trinidad, if you are a bit bigger than the average, is forking hell. Some stores need to shove the "plus sizes available" sign in their window down their bloody throats and choke on them... because the clothing is either 1) the ugliest piece of crap I have ever seen... it makes me think they want to drape me in rejected clown outfits and bury me in a linen hell.... or 2) there was a major accident in the sizing label part of the factory and the XLs are actually XS. I'm not sure if they expect me to buy two of each article of clothing and sew them together so that they can actually be pulled over my boobs or over my hips and thighs.. but either way.. it is pure unadulterated bullshit.

So that is basically my life since then. I'll start writing again consistently from tomorrow... Hopefully.. No promises. But until then... Enjoy my art.

Also... Let me know if you like the new template.

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