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On a random Google patronage (I do that ever so often) came across a guide to Blogging Etiquette on Being the polite blogger that I am I decided to see if I belonged in the oh-so-civilized blogging community.

My comments are in blue. That my Happy Color *bats eyelashed*

Since there's been much talk about blogging properly, here's my easy guide for n00bies on blogging etiquette:
  • Always bow before you blog. Hmmm.... I have a bad back....could be tricky
  • When you blog, do remember that the knife goes in the right hand, and the fork in the left. EGAD! I blog with my BARE HANDS! I'm such a brute!
  • Always end your posts with "thank you, it's been wonderful talking to all of you. Godspeed."
    What? F*ck off asshat doesn't work?
  • Polite bloggers NEVER use the words "asshat" or "aardvark". Whether "sexy motherf***er" can be said in polite company remains a matter of much contention. Particularly on the question of how to pronounce asterisks. *gasp* Oh FUCK!
  • The proper way to end a first blog is with a little kiss. No tongue. *cops a feel*
  • And, especially, no tongue down there. *raises head* What?!? Blasphemy!!!!
  • Remember, if you forget which keys to use, a simple little memory trick is that you should start from the outside and work your way inside. Hence, posts like "poiuy!" are the height of decorum. *blink*..... You learn something new every day huh.
  • When someone visits your blog, be sure to offer drinks. That I do! *Absinthe for EVERYBODY*
  • If you are a male blogger and said visitor is female, please remember to raise your hat when the visitor enters your blog. I'm a female... Do I get to raise my skirt?
  • Yes, you must have a hat. Trojans okay?
Thank you. It's been wonderful talking to all of you. Godspeed.

Hmmm... ALL in all..I'm a very crude blogger... Yay for me but at least I keep my elbows off the table when I eat...*very unpolite wink*

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Syed Siddique Sharaf said...

Too much entertaining !!!!!