The search for Profundity

6/10/2005 07:17:00 AM Edit This 0 Comments »

Why do I insist on this search for the profound? Could it have something to do with my fear of a life of mediocrity? Is it my fear of settling? ( Both fears not realized until I just wrote them down two seconds ago). Why am I so mindful of the fact that I may never find what I am looking for?

I don't think I am looking for perfection. God only knows, I know that that's not possible. Even if it was I don't think I would want it.

But are profundity and perfection the same? I think what I am searching the infinite abyss (I watched Garden State this morning, forgive me) for is ...... *Five Minute Interval*.... I have no idea what I am looking for... But I don't think it's what I have now. It may be the age old grass-is-greener-on -the-other-side-itis but somehow I doubt that. Mostly because I'm not looking at another side. It could be that what I have is not or no longer what I am looking for.

Hmmm... Conundrum.

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