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It's about time for that shameless plug. I am going to showcase one of my poems here if you like it you can check out the rest at my other blog ~Stranger to the Sunrise~

Slice of Heaven

There you go with that slice of heaven in an open palm again
Plucked from the clouds with nothing but your sweet words
The raindrops you gather in your hands dear
Fall from my eyes, onto my cheeks and flow to my lips
The one and the same from which you tasted my essence
That pair of clairvoyant flesh that lets me know
That lets me show
My hopes, my dreams my aspirations
So much more that it seems
A dream, a dream, a vision, a word
One word One word, One touch One Love.

You approach
With my slice of heaven in your arms again
Fragrant and calming like the sea at sunrise
Those waves encircle and sedate me
Allowing me too stay in the break of dawn forever
To pluck the fruit of eden and know what lies ahead
To know what lies ahead
To see what lies ahead
To revel in what lies ahead

You whisper
A breath of that slice of heaven from your mouth again
Believing in my tears again and shedding all my tears again
You took that burden from my shoulders
You made it yours to carry to the end
Alongside me
Always with me
Even in my dreams
Even in my little slice of heaven

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think. :-)

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