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"A creative mind is never bored"- Some dude
Apparently, I'm not that creative. So I've been sick for the last few days, couging, runny nose, watering eyes, fevers. The works. I'm better now. Except for the coughing and watery eyes. I look like crap. But then again...when don't I? *braces from scoldings from friends about low self esteem*

Trying to focus on doing something constructive as well but can't muster the energy to disappoint myself once again. My treadmill is once again collecting dust. I looked at it yesterday and thought:

Hey, that could really help me. But it will take too much effort to move. Hmmm. Bed.... nice, warm, comfy bed. Treadmill= Sweat, walking, running....EFFORT! Yeah... the bed wins, hands down.

Then I decided to do something intellectually stimulating and read an ebook that I have been meaning to finish. Then it started blurring before my eyes. So that plan also went out of the window. So finally, I went online and wasted my day away on forums and downloading music. Lars Ulric must be fuming now. Screw you Lars!!! God said to "share". You heathen!

I'm learning HTML now. If you can't tell by artistic template and credits that this wasn't my creativity.. you sure as hell know now. I knew a few things before but I've decided to learn everything I can about it, as well as CSS, so I can make my own crappy templates and blind people with bright colours and flashy graphics. Yeah! And people say I'm not ambitious. *scoffs*

I saw Kung Fu Hustle last Sunday, that movie was hilarious and so refreshingly original. I loved it almost as much as I loved it's prequel Shaolin Soccer. The next movie I am going to see is the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (mandatory chick flick...shut up!) and Batman Begins (highly anticipated.)

I start Arabian and Hip Hop dance classes next week. So I get to wiggle my jelly away. That should be interesting. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, sayonara for now.

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Tish said...

You better be coming next week!

*kicks ass*