Forgiving and forgetting

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Judgement Day

You can never please people. They will always want so much more than you are willing to give. Simple mistakes go down in the little black book of grudges they have and they store it away waiting to use it against you. Waiting to bring up every slip up, misunderstanding and error you have made and repented for.

In all of my nearly 20 years of living (not much by some standards) I have yet to meet someone without a dirty past. Yet, these are the one's who are the first to proverbially cast the first stone. It's all well and good when it doesn't dirty your own waters now, isn't it.

Of all the bullshit I have gone through, the same bullshit you don't know about. The same bullshit I have been through that proves you don't know me. Do NOT fucking judge me by what you see, read or heard about me. No one can tell you about me, but me. And I am not perfect by any means.

This is one of the main reasons I never take things at face value. Masquerades occur way too frequently. Never take that for granted.

But then again... this wouldn't make a difference to those certain people and they will judge anyway.... So... on that note... FUCK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY!.


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