Can an insomniac sleepwalk?

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The joys of Insomnia.

Ah, the benefits of being a nightwalker... without the obvious innuendo of course. Why am I up this late you ask? Because I can! (insert evil laughter here). In my sleepless travels, at my computer desk with my no longer portable HP notebook ( who I affectionately call "Harry Pothead" in an ode to Scary Movie 2 ), I have come across a few not-so-hidden gems.

Web comics; like Skirting Danger ( a very recent favorite), Drowtales, and Something Positive (all exposed to me by my favorite exhibitionist and friend J) have or will soon become part of my dismal routine. What else can you expect on an average of 3 hours sleep everyday? (rolls dry, itchy, reddened eyes). Also another of my personal favorites: Cigarro and Cerveja which I discovered through Boboworld... I love his short stories.

I have also tried reading a few eBooks. Right now, I am reading 3: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ( I loved the unusual humor in the movie and am now determined to finish reading), Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Don't ask questions... and yes I am going to go see the movie. I am allowed one chick flick for the year..... Or ten. *sheepish grin*) and one cheesy romance novel from my "younger days" (about a year ago) called A Loving Scoundrel (those of you who know Johanna Lindsey books, this was the long awaited book about Jeremy Malory of the Malory clan). Ebooks are so hard to read when you want to curl up on your sofa and read in peace. This is further hindered by (as I mentioned before) my not-so-portable laptop *sigh*.

I despise being a broke college student, especially the lack of keg parties and table dancing... I am so dull *ashamed*

Other miscellaneous but interesting sites I have come across:

So you wanna speak with an Irish accent (this is a favorite of mine, especially since I am a sucker for an accent)

Netbux a.k.a. How to make money searching for irrelevant items and attempt to fund your dirty little video game addiction.

I'll save some for later.


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Tish said...

dude. Johanna sucks! I can't stand her anymore and you know what! I wanted to crack a lady in the face cause she was going on and on about some stupid romance novel that I'm sure I read yrs ago.

Jeez man!...get with the future. Read Harry Potter!

Solace said...

Lmao.... Harry Rules :D

Zack Misota said...

You guys really needs to find yourselves a girl mates.

tish said...

But I do have a girl mate. Are you trying to say that you need one for yourself. I suggest you don't waste your time. Girls are silly. Get a guy instead.

Solace said...