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Battle of the Bits (sorry for the disappointment, BE people) *snicker snicker*

So I had my first bellydancing class on Wednesday night. Yes, you heard me right... Belly dancing. Why? Because it's a new hobby and I need to drag my lazy ass away from my torrid love affair with my computer... That's why.

Anyway, so like I was saying, I had my first belly dancing class the other night. And boy are my hips tired. With all the "undulating" and "gyrating" I had to do it was totally understandable. Two f my best friends Tia and Tish were there too... It's sort of a subconscious let's-do-an-activity together thing to keep us close before everyone goes their separate ways once the summer is over thing.

Now Tia... Tia is an advanced bellydancer... who'dathunk. She taught herself with the aid of a belly dancing DVD and pure .. I don't know what to call it... errr... Passion for the dance (yeah, that sounds about right). Tia's also slim, tall, elegant and has an ass that looks like two cantaloupes are stuck to her tail bone. I mean DAMN! But it looks good on her.. Make no mistake. She has a Beyonce type thing going for her as much as she hates to admit it. This girl was moving and shaking like her hips were isolated from the rest of her body, I think she was showing off a bit though because the class was a beginner's class and she is in the advanced class on Tuesdays.

As for Tish, she was on her second bellydancing class. She was on her old college's dance team and was stretching like she was in yoga class during the warm up. I mean full splits and amateur contortionism. I had no idea she could do all that. She was also pretty good, very professional and picked up on the choreography extremely quickly.

The rest off the class was made up of slender women ranging from 18-40 ( I assume) and everyone looks like they are in really good shape.

Then, there's me. A Self conscious Amazon with an overlapping six pack and back fat (I loathe my back fat) in a sleeveless shirt and her mother's yoga pants that look like capris on me (due to my height) because I haven't worked out in so long and have no "gym wear". I was confident enough in the beginning.. Thinking how bad could this be. Of course, I was expecting the stereotypical belly rolling and snake arms.. Nothing spectacular. Thinking I could do a lil trini wine and get away with it, I wasn't too bothered. Boy was I wrong. There was shaking, shimmying, jiggling, jangling (those coin wraps that they wore) and man did my jelly shake. It was like watching some one poke perfectly made jello. It just wouldn't stop. Not to mention the wall was covered in mirrors so I got to see my jello jiggle from ten different angles! Oh joy!

To cut a long story short, I left aching, sweating, swearing and thoroughly embarrassed. Oddly enough, I look forward to this torture next week. Not to mention Hip Hop on Monday.

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Syed Siddique Sharaf said...

Even i tried learning Salsa! its a hopping dance to me ... i enjoyed it like anything and the best part of it is to elegantly 'rotate' my lady partner - believe me its the toughest :))

Madison21 said...

My butt is not big well...anyway. The point is that you were doing great hello it is your first class

Madison21 said...

ps it is not Passion for Dance. IT IS MYSTIC DANCE. Gees sound just as bad huh.

Solace said...

Eh hem...You're right. Big is a gross uderstatement. You don't have a "butt" you have a budonkadonk!

Tish said...

I can't contort :S.....

You were doing fine, it was your first class, at least you're not like me who almost fainted.