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Today should be interesting

So.. I made the appointment to speak to Ms. John... The head of continuing education at TTHTI. I had contacted her concerning switching or repeating certain classes that I missed because of my depression. My *snicker* two month depression. Ha! Indeed.

For some reason I am incredibly nervous about today. I haven't been able to sleep properly at all... If I got more than 30 minutes of straight sleep I count myself lucky. Plus I didn't get a chance to do my accounting homework.. I'm kind of disappointed at that, I feel like I'm backsliding which is definitely not good. Apparently guilt affects me most when I sleep.... Grrreaaaat.... Just greeeeaaaaattt.

Anyway, at least the issue is getting resolved now. We will see how it goes. As for the rest of my day.. I am getting this sinking feeling that my father will return today and the carefree vacation will be over. Back to the callous stares and the "unwanted guest in the house" feeling. *sigh* I am DEFINITELY not looking forward to that.

Yesterday, I heard that we are going to have a semi-high school reunion in the usual waterhole for "our people" on May 28th. Apparently, due to Hydar's funeral, which from m friend's account seemed to e a mini reunion in itself has prompted this... what is it though... do they want to make sure they see others before the die now. Indeed. *sarcastic remark here*
But I'm going. It should be very interesting to see these people and make minimal contact with them while we stare across a large table and break up into the sub-groups that we are used to. It should be VERY interesting. * note to self* Take mp3 player for any uncomfortable silences and probing questions. *end note*

Well I guess I will report later on today. Wish me luck. *sigh*


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