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One of those bittersweet days

I am sitting here, at my desk, listening to the constant hum of my laptop and the rain pouring outside. It is one of those rare perfect moments that you wish you could capture with just the right words and then you realize that the words you are looking for haven't been invented yet.

It's one of those days that are dripping in great joy but saturated in melancholy. One of those days when everything conflicts beautifully but combines to make some unusually gorgeous hybrid that you must take a moment to stare at in awe. It's one of those days when everything thing goes into slow motion and you feel so depressed but you don't want to get out of it because it's oddly comforting. It's one of those days when you can just sit and watch a good sad indie film or one of those slightly disturbing, though inducing, lesser known mainstream movies that you make you wonder why it didn't do better at the box office.

This is a poetry mood. But I don't feel like writing. I just want to get lost in a good book that mirrors these feelings and relive it over and over again. I don't want to leave. This is my rare perfect moment. It's one of those moments when you put everything around you in mute.

I've only had a few of these and I often can't remember them when they are gone. They make you wonder why can't life be like this all the time. This is the time when you write one of these profound epiphanies that make no sense when you read them two days later.

*sigh* and just like that your mother opens her mouth and breaks the quiet reverie that you were basking in. Then you struggle to find it again but you can't and it's lost again forever. Sounds come back and reality rears its ugly misshapen head to haunt you.

Oh well.

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