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The end draws near

This year I had to be reminded that my birthday is in a few weeks. I turn 20. Greeeaaaaaatttt. Another year of being middle of the road again. No longer a teen but not completely and adult (suddenly that annoying Britney Spears song pops up into my head. Egad!). I am usually excited at growing older but this time all I'm thinking about is the fact that in 10 years I'll be thirty. And probably in the same state of mind that I am in now. Highly unlikely I know. But I'm not even sure if I have changed much over the 19 years of life I have had so far.

I asked for digital camera for my birthday. It will aid my hobby of people watching... and stalking. I think I may take up photography though, it should be a fun outlet for my pent up creativity. I can't wait to look at pictures of various angles of my finger. *girlish squeal of excitement*. So prepare to see an influx of badly focused postcard-like shots of landscape and various "interesting individuals".

*sigh*. There are so many things I want to do with my life that I can't seem to get off the ground. The most pressing is going to college abroad where I can get the type of education I seek as well as the fact that I won't be home any more and fending for myself (in a sense). I've reached the stage where all I can think about is leaving and going out on my own. Learning me, my own way. No holds barred. It's very possible that I will return with my tail between my legs a prodigal daughter but I just want the experience. I have to grow up eventually right. So let me.

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