Mark Ryden

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Mark Ryden

This is one of my favorite artists. My boyfriend introduced me to his work and I found it to be so unusually beautiful that I had to write about it. This entry was long in coming by the way.
Disclaimer: I am by no means an art critic or in any way experienced in the field. My stuff usually consists of stick drawing and flora doodling.

Anyways, if you scroll down, below this entry you will see one of my favorite pieces from him: Little Boy Blue. I am not at all sure why I like it so much. It should be disturbing, the look in his eyes are so calculating and the Nazi symbols don't help much either. But the detail... Wow! His face looks like it could break any second with it's fragile porcelain look and the lightness of his clothing in contrast with the dark symbols (i.e. the Nazi symbols and gun) seem to neutralize the effect somewhat. It's just beautiful.

Ryden's work is littered with meat, religious icons, presidents, celebrities, insects and children (or people that look like children). Looking at them you know instantly if you like it or hate it. There's never any middle of the road response. That's what I love about it. Absolute certainty. He also has a bit of an obsession with Christina Ricci (much like myself) and it is evident throughout his work, as most of the people he paints look like her. He's even done a few of her himself.

A few others that I love are: The butcher Bunny, St.Barbie, and many others. You can check them out here.

Warning: Some may be disturbed by the artwork. So proceed with caution.

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