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It's hard to stay true to yourself when you don't know who you are.

Seriously, Is it POSSIBLE to have an identity crisis at 19? Isn't this the point in time where you are finally figuring out who you are on the verge to "womanhood". Jeez, nothing ever goes normally for me. Why is that?

It gets tiring sometimes.... the constant paradigm shifts. Circumstance is a helluva thing though. And to avoid being repetitive I will not say anymore on this subject.

As for school, ROYTEC is going well. I still want to go to FIU so bad but funds of that size are so elusive.... when you're poor anyway. Ha! That's funny though. I never thought of myself as poor until the beginning of this year. Coincidentally at the start of my college education. Boy, was that a slap in the face. TTHTI, however, that's a whole other story. I like the school well enough but due to recent developments, I have been missing so much class I may end up having to re-do this semester. Or switch to another major. I don't think my heart has the passion of the culinary arts anymore. I still like to do it but *sigh* I don't know.
Lack of eloquence is a bitch isn't it?

I'll write more later today, but the terror (my adoringly nagging mum) just woke up and is about to start bellowing her orders for the day.

Joy, peace and hairgrease.

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