I am unhappy

5/25/2005 08:10:00 AM Edit This 0 Comments »


Unhappy: No matter what I do I cannot stop those I love from being hurt by my actions... Or lack of them. Apparently I cannot win.

Fat: Supposedly starting a diet today, will probably waste away from the stress before the diet cn be blamed.

Irritable: This time it cannot be blamed on PMS. Which is a stupid reason anyway.

Confused: Not sure where my life is going and unsure where I do want it to go.

Unmotivated: Things are shitty. Nuff said.

Tired of relenting: And letting people dictate the way my life goes.

Antisocial: People = shit. Thanks Slipknot for so putting it so articulately.

Yearning: For so much more than I can have. This is probably contributing to the situations above.

Being very selfish: And I feel guilty about it.

So very loved by my significant other: And I love him back.

Need space: I cannot explain why. I just do.

Suck: Self explanatory.

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