Finding myself again

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Finding myself again.

So... I've decided to pick up a few new hobbies. Well, they are actually things I've been meaning to do for a while now. I'm going to start learning how to play the guitar, I'm actually looking for a reasonably priced acoustic right now. Nothing higher than USD$200 (if you know where to find one online please let me know with a comment). If you are from Trinidad, let me know if you know any stores around here.

Next, I want to start a photo journal. I realized that I don't have many pictures documenting my life at all (my parents weren't the clicker happy type). Actually from the ages of around 6-14 I have no pictures at all. After that, maybe five or six. So I should be getting a digicam for my birthday and I get to start from there. Look out for it. Friends....Beware.

Also, it's about time I go take my driving test... I've been ducking from that for a year now. I no longer have access to a car but it will be nice to have.

Not really in a bloggin' mood right now. I'll check in again later. Hopefully. Laters.

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