Disturbing Revelations

5/24/2005 09:47:00 AM Edit This 0 Comments »

Disturbing Revelations

There have been quite a few lately.

1) I was told that I am happy ..... All the time. My reaction, of course, was incredibly shocked. I may be congenial but HAPPY? ALL the time??? Have you people not seen me in my dark, somber, slightly muderous moods? Since when does that translate to happy?

2) Also, stemming from the so- called happy persona I embody... I also translate as ditzy.... WHAAAT? I must admit that was a realization of one of my greatest fears. Ditzy? How? Why? This calls for some SERIOUS personality adjustments.

I am still very disturbed with just those two. So I'll save the rest for later.

Like, I wonder what would make them think that *twirls hair around fingers*

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