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100 things about me: The 20 I missed.

21) I am in the process of learning myself again
22) I often need the opinion of others to validate myself (not good)
23) Food is a comfort at times
24) I haven't been eating much lately
25) I am very messy
26) I am very unsettled at times
27) I am terrified of rejection
28) My mother's perfectionism bothers me
29) I think I am addicted to the internet "Hi, my name is Khristal and I am a junkie"
30) I think I may be a hypochondriac
31) But I hate going to the doctor
32) I am too analytical
33) I try too hard to gain the acceptance of others
34) I love classic movies, especially musicals
35) I am an avid Gilmore Girls fan
36) I find solace in writing and listening to Damien Rice on a rainy day.
37) I feel like I am slipping away from reality
38) I am a very good liar
39) I always feel like I will hurt people closest to me
40) I usually do.

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