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So.... April's been a sucky month.... Thank God it's the last day *bleh*

I'lll give you the details later.

In other news: Sign the petition, it's for a greater good . It won't hurt... I promise ^_^

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The people who say things don't change overnight are LIARS. My whole world has changed a few nights ago, and it could have been totally avoided.

So, you remember that guy, you know the one whose name is on my birth certificate under "father". Yeah, that guy. Well, he disowned me hahahahaaha! Isn't that hilarious? How in heaven's name can you "disown" your own flesh and blood! I though you had more sense that that dude. Really!

And why has old Montezuma disowned me? Because I told the truth, and stood up to him. Bloody idiot. I would say other stuff, but I prefer to have a private life. You guys don't need to know everything,now, do you?

I have been seriously affected by it though. As much as I play it off. It's not that easy. *sigh* I have finals in four days and haven't been able to concentrate. Can't study, don't want to leave the house and pretend to others. I hate it. And I should hate him. But I don't. Stupid, stupid me. I pity the fool * Insert best Mr. T impression here* I'll pray for him. Poor, unfortunate soul.

Well, due to recent events, L has been banned from the house for protecting me from Montezuma's Revenge. I'm really sorry he had to suffer for it. If I could take it all away from him. I would. *sigh* I need to get out of this house.


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