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So it's been more than one week of unemployment now and how do I feel..... Free as a bird.... and bored as HELL. Now that I have access at home and spend less time outside, basically becoming a hermit-junkie, I have been hugely bored but too lazy to leave my house.

I have become a recluse of the worst sort. A recluse with the Internet. *evil laughter* The possibilities! I would list them but then I have become increasingly paranoid now that Bush is back in office. What should I care? I am a Trinidadian right? WRONG!!! I have felt a sense of impending doom since the first time I heard the news.

I still can't believe Kerry conceded... Did Bush buy him too... *sigh* It's strange though... for someone who "fights" against the immorality of dictators and terrorist leaders it seems quite ironic that the face of Bush now strikes fear and rash uncertainy into the hearts of many.

I am not a US citizen but I was glued to my screen hoping that this capitalist dictator wannabe wouldn't win. I'm guessing that one of the major reasons is that despite Huge amounts of pro-vote campaigns, the youth of the nation was still reluctant to vote. What are you afraid of???? Do you not realise how fortunate you are? Why sit on your asses and allow this man to draft people your age into the army, to lay your life down on the line for his own selfish reasons: a glorifed family feud with Iraq? Why allow this to happen? And how interesting is the fact that most of the young population (18-30) were mostly Kerry voters. You could have made the difference.

Then again Kerry has shown his major weakness.. Bowing out under pressure. He should have fought to the end instead of retreating with his tail between his legs. Que lastima! What a pity!

And this man allowed the Patriot Act to be passed. Oh well, four years of Armageddon. Ladies, Hold on to your hats!!!

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