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So... I got into FIU (Florida Interational University. This is a major acomplishement for me. I've wanted to go to college since.... well , since the first time I've heard about what college was basically. I've never realised it before but my education means alot to me, but I've always been pretty adamant that it must be what I want to do. I refuse to live any one else's life but mine.

Anyway, like I was saying. I got into FIU. The only problem is, am I going to be able to go. My parents have a kind of standoffish P.O.V when it comes to things that.... COST MONEY. *sigh* FIU's pretty expensive for international students (they call us out-of-state students, how politically  correct is that *screw pan*) My dad, as usual, is adamant in having his own way, which is making me wait two more years (mind you, I've been patient for 5 years) I can't be patient anymore. I CAN'T BE PATIENT ANYMORE.

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